A full-term pregnancy is typically 39-40 weeks long, and any baby born before they reach 37 weeks gestation is considered premature. Many premature babies are born safely and recover quickly from any complications, but there are health risks associated with premature deliveries that can have lasting consequences.

When your child suffers harm due to a medical professional’s handling of a premature delivery, a dedicated birth injury attorney could be able to help. The right legal counsel could evaluate the circumstances to determine if a medical mistake contributed to your child’s early birth and its consequences. Call a compassionate Newburgh premature delivery injury lawyer who could pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Risks of Premature Births

Babies born prematurely may not have had the chance to develop fully in the womb. While many resulting complications can be addressed by immediate medical attention, other complications could lead to life-long challenges. Some of the risks associated with premature birth include the following:

  • Vision issues
  • Hearing issues
  • Brain injuries
  • Heart problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Developmental delays

Going into labor before the full term of pregnancy is not uncommon, but doctors have an obligation to note potential risk factors that could increase this possibility. They must also prepare for the delivery in a way that does not endanger the lives of the mother or fetus, which may include prescribing steroids or other treatments to delay delivery. When medical care providers fail to recognize the signs of a pre-term labor, they are unable to take steps to potentially slow down the process in the interest of the mother’s and child’s health.

Going through the unexpected delivery of a child is an overwhelmingly difficult experience, and it may be difficult to remember what doctors and nurses were doing at the time. A knowledgeable Newburgh attorney could assess medical records and other available evidence to help families determine if a medical professional’s negligence caused a premature delivery injury.

Taking Legal Action Within Filing Deadlines

When a doctor is responsible for an injury during a premature delivery, the infant’s parents have the right to seek accountability through the legal system. Every injury lawsuit is subject to a statute of limitations. Filing a lawsuit after this deadline expires can result in the court dismissing the case with prejudice, which closes the case and prevents the plaintiff from ever filing it again. It is crucial to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible after a suspected birth injury to avoid this outcome.

The statute of limitations is different for injuries involving minors and gives parents the right to file a lawsuit on their infant’s behalf. According to the law, a child that suffers birth injuries has ten years from the discovery of those injuries to file a lawsuit. An experienced Newburgh premature delivery injury attorney could help families ensure all necessary paperwork is submitted within filing deadlines.

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If a medical professional caused you or your child to suffer harm during a premature birth, you deserve justice. Financial compensation may not make everything right again, but it could hold the at-fault parties accountable and provide the financial resources to get your child the care they need and deserve.

Let a Newburgh premature delivery injury lawyer help you seek justice on behalf of your child. Call right away for a free consultation.