Nurse Admits to Killing Over 100 Patients on Purpose: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer is Shocked

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German Nurse Admits to Intentionally Killing over 100 Patients: Kingston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Shares Grim Story

Want to hear something scary on the day before Halloween?!  According to the BBC, a German nurse admitted that he intentionally killed over 100 patients that he was responsible for their care.  The course of conduct occurred between two separate hospitals in Germany between 1999 and 2005.  The nurse, whose name will not be repeated here to glorify his conduct, is being called the worst post-war serial killers.  That is, he is the worst serial killer since the likes of Hitler and Himmler.  That’s frightening to a Kingston medical malpractice lawyer!

Apparently the nurse would administer fatal doses of medicine or drugs to people in his care.  This would result in cardiac arrest.  The reason why he did this was not necessarily to kill them for the sake of killing, but actually because he would then come back and try to impress his colleagues by reviving the patients that he had just overdosed.  However, he was unable to do so in at least 100 cases, likely many more as the remains of over 130 patients have been exhumed and tested.  

The nurse was already sentenced to a life term for six deaths that were confirmed in his care.  The next wave of over 100 victims will likely ensure he never has an opportunity to leave prison.

The next issue is what, if any, role did the hospital or other individuals in the hospital who witnessed what he was doing had in the victim’s deaths.  Said differently, did the hospital know or should have known of the nurse’s deadly propensity and practice killing patients to revive them.  This is a very serious claim that, if the hospital and its staff turned a blind eye or take an ostrich defense, it could result in catastrophic damages against the hospital.

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