Nursing Home Patient “Rotted to Death” According to AG, New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

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HORRIBLE Medical Malpractice: Nursing Home Patient Rotted to Death Due to Neglect

According to news sources, the AG in Ohio has said that a patient “literally rotted to death” at a nursing home.  Another patient was also mistreated horrible.  Seven people were indicted by a grand jury, and each face 34 charges including involuntary manslaughter.  A New York medical malpractice lawyer, this is HORRIFIC and shocking nursing home abuse.  

One patient’s records were even falsified by a nurse and signatures were forged to indicate proper care—which was not happening.  The patient had developed a wound which became infected.  That was no treated and became gangrenous.  That became necrotic, where tissue starts to die.  The patient’s infection and literally rot became so back that he died from septic shock as a result of the untreated wounds.  It was a horrible case with immense pain and suffering.

This is extremely likely to be nursing home abuse and neglect.  This is also extremely likely to be medical malpractice.  This is because the care and treatment rendered by the nursing home staff, which may have included a physician, fell well below the care and treatment that a reasonably prudent physician would have provided in similar circumstances.

This is outrageous and the defendants face not only criminal charges, but will likely face civil wrongful death and medical malpractice.  It is a horrible case.

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