Pharmacist Medical Malpractice: Holding Pharmacists Liable for Medical Errors

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When Can Pharmacists Be Liable for New York Medical Malpractice?  Understanding Pharmacist Medical Malpractice Claims

Flu season is here which means visit your pharmacists for a flu shot.  Your pharmacists has a very important job though, and it is more than just giving you the flu shot.  They are reasonable for breaking down the order of your physician prescribing you a medication or drug, and filling that order.  That means the correct medication, strength, dosage, and the proper concoction.  This also means checkins for drug complications again to ensure there are no likely adverse health reactions.  When a pharmacists fails to do this and more, it could be New York medical malpractice.

And I do mean pharmacists, as each pharmacy is teamed with several individuals.  There will be one or more pharmacists who are the ones with the most education and training, after obtaining a pharmacy degree from an accredited college and being licensed for same.  There are also pharmacy technicians who help check orders and confirm counts, dosage, and other tasks that the pharmacist needs.  There may also be pharmacy interns or students who are learning their trade, or who graduated school but either did not take or did not pass their licensure tests.  

If any of these individuals make grave mistakes or errors in filling your prescription, it could be New York medical malpractice.  This can occur for some fo the following reasons:

  • Wrong dosage;
  • Mixing up patients;
  • Mixing up medications;
  • Too frequent administration of the medication;
  • Wrong medication given;
  • Using an improper delivery system (i.e., oral liquid form instead of a pill);
  • Failing to check for drug interactions;
  • Improperly mixing the solution, medication, topical cream, or drug;
  • Contaminating two different drugs;
  • Causing an overdose;
  • Not checking for signs of addiction; and
  • Many other.

If your pharmacist team fails to perform these tasks or the following injuries occur due to New York medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The pharmacist, pharmacy intern, and pharmacy student should be liable for their mistakes which cause you serious harm.

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