Pitocin Overdoses and New York Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury

Birth Injuries Caused by Pitocin Overdoses: New York Medical Malpractice

Pitocin is a common drug used to induce labor or to hasten labor.  This is a synthetic version of a hormone naturally produced by the body to cause contractions.  It is relatively safe, but there are some risks with Pitocin which could result in New York medical malpractice.  When negligence causes birth injuries due to Pitocin, the injuries can be quite severe, including cerebral palsy.  These can be very debilitating and dangerous types of birth injuries which affect a newborn his or her whole life, as well has having a damaging effect on an entire family.  This is why Pitocin overdoses are very serious instances of medical negligence.

But while Pitocin is used to induce labor, it is not used to dilate the cervix.  This is the last wall before the birth canal, and essentially helps keep the baby inside the uterus.  When Pitocin is administered before the cervix is dilated, it is essentially telling the mother’s body to begin pushing before the birth canal is ready.  This means that the contractions will force the baby into the cervix.  This can cause very serious complications.  The stronger the contractions, the more force the baby will be pushed into the cervix.  This means the more pressure on the baby’s head, body, and umbilical cord.  All of these translates to damage, especially due to a lack of oxygen.  This can be catastrophic for a baby.

This is why a Pitocin overdose can be so significant.  Not only can excess amounts of Pitocin be absorbed by the baby, the overdose of Pitocin will start violent contractions which can cause serious personal injury to the baby.  These contractions can be reversed with another drug, but again that is more substances given to the baby.  It is also not guaranteed to help the baby immediately and may still cause serious injuries.  There may also be a delay in stopping the contractions, causing the Pitocin overdose cause more damage.

Pitocin overdoses and injuries caused by New York medical malpractice can lead to hypoxic injuries, which mean a lack of oxygen.  These types of injuries to a newborn are most likely to result in cerebral palsy and other significant brain injuries.  Shouldn’t doctors who cause these injuries be liable for their mistakes?

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