Poor Grades for Albany’s Hospital that Got WORSE: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


Worse Hospital Scores for the Capital Region: Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Poor Hospital Grades in Cap Reg

According to a recent report from a national patient safety watchdog called The Leapfrog Group, Capital Region hospitals all failed to improve and actually decreased their ratings—some significantly.   In fact, many of the Capital Region’s hospitals received very poor hospital grades.  The study concludes that these hospitals are actually LESS SAFE than a year ago, meaning that patients are at a higher risk of serious personal injury due to preventable medical errors, careless mistakes, reckless blunders, and New York medical malpractice.

The study assesses more than 2,600 hospitals in the United States in the spring and fall using a rubric of 28 factors of patient safety.  The final scores are given a letter grade from A to F.  The factors that are considered include rates of serious issues, injuries, or misconduct such as bedsores, patient falls, post-surgery infections, MRSA, C. Diff, death from treatable conditions, and similar issues.

The Capital Region’s hospitals received the following grades:

  • Albany Medical Center AMC – D grade (DOWN from last year as a C)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam – D grade (DOWN from last year as a B!!)
  • Saratoga Hospital – C grade (DOWN from last year as an A!!!)
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital – D grade (DOWN from last year as a C);
  • Glens Falls Hospital – C grade (DOWN from last year as a B);
  • St. Peter’s Hospital – C grade (same as last year);
  • Albany Memorial Hospital – D grade (same as last year); and
  • Ellis Medicine – D grade (same as last year).

Not only are patient’s less safe at these hospitals, but look at those grades!  These are horrible grades for patient safety and security.  Would you want your children getting C’s and D’s, and getting lower grades than the report card before?  Absolutely not!  Would you want to get in an airplane with a pilot who got a D in flight school?  NO WAY!  So why do we trust our healthcare providers with our life and health if they get D’s?  And they want the tort reform to make it HARDER to sue them?  That’s incredible!  Reform medicine, not patient’s rights.

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