Failure to diagnose a severe medical condition in a timely fashion could be the difference between life and death. A delayed or incorrect cancer diagnosis may lead to unnecessary medical procedures or make your condition worse. If you or your loved one has been the victim of a medical provider’s failure to assess a condition, a skilled Poughkeepsie delayed cancer diagnosis lawyer could fight to hold physicians and hospitals accountable for their negligence. A knowledgeable cancer malpractice attorney could prepare a strong case to get the compensation you need to pay expensive bills.

Proving Medical Malpractice in Poughkeepsie

In order to prove a delayed cancer diagnosis malpractice claim, a Poughkeepsie attorney must prove certain factors on the victim’s behalf. The plaintiff must demonstrate that an official relationship existed between the doctor and the patient and that the medical professional was negligent and failed to provide the treatment or care that was appropriate.

Doctors owe a duty to treat their patients prudently in a way consistent with industry standards. An attorney may consult with one or more medical professionals who have extensive knowledge of the victim’s type of cancer to potentially provide evidence against the physician. Finally, victims and their attorneys must prove that their injuries were directly caused by the attending doctor’s failure to diagnose the disease.

Time Limits to File a Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Case in Poughkeepsie

New York law establishes specific time limits in which victims of a delayed cancer diagnosis may file a claim for compensation. Under New York Civil Practice Laws & Rules §214-A, actions based upon a negligent failure to diagnose malignant cancer or tumor must be filed within two and a half years of discovery or when the patient should have reasonably discovered the issue. If the malpractice was part of an ongoing course of care, the clock starts on the date of the last treatment. A seasoned medical malpractice lawyer could help ensure that a suit is filed in the necessary time frame to ensure a fair chance at compensation.

Seeking Compensation

Winning compensation in medical malpractice suits involving delayed cancer diagnosis. If a lawsuit is filed, an attorney could seek damages on behalf of the plaintiff to compensate them for:

  • Lost income for time missed from work and future lost wages if the victim cannot return to work
  • Medical costs associated with obtaining the proper diagnosis and treatment
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering due to the undiagnosed condition
  • Reduced quality of life as their condition deteriorates

If a loved one suffers a fatal injury due to a delayed cancer diagnosis, a Poughkeepsie lawyer could help the family pursue a wrongful death claim and get compensation for the loved one they lost and the void they left.

Schedule a Consultation with a Poughkeepsie Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Attorney

Early detection is often the key to successful treatment and remission. A delay in diagnosing cancer could worsen the prognosis and in some cases lead to death. If you believe that you or someone you love was the victim of malpractice involving a delayed cancer diagnosis, contact a Poughkeepsie delayed cancer diagnosis lawyer today to schedule a case consultation.

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