Pre-Natal Birth Injuries From NY Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury

Understanding Pre-Natal Birth Injuries Due to New York Medical Malpractice

New York medical malpractice can occur in many different ways.  One of the worst types of medical malpractice is a birth injury.  Most people believe that birth injuries occur during the labor and delivery of a baby, or immediately before or after the baby’s birth.  This is generally true.  However, birth injuries could be also pre-natal, or before birth, and even well before birth, also due by New York medical malpractice.  This surprises some people and it is important to recognize these important issues.

For instance, pre-natal birth injuries could be caused by New York medical malpractice during examinations.  If equipment used to check the baby during an examination falls onto a mother, it could result in serious personal injuries.  Pre-natal injuries could also be caused by improper medications and drugs given to mothers during the pregnancy.  This could occur when the mother is having some illness during her pregnancy and a healthcare provider prescribes medications which are not safe for a baby and result in injury to the baby.

In addition, pre-natal injuries could be caused by a failure to diagnose or treat a condition.  For instance, if there are problems with the baby which are detectable on a sonogram or other imaging, and the medical provider fails to act to correct those issues, it could be New York medical malpractice.  This includes issue of cord compression or ruptures, but it could also be the position of the baby or the development of the baby, i.e., increase caloric intake and nutrition pills.  

There could also be issues if the mother becomes diabetic or have very high or low blood pressure during the pregnancy and the healthcare providers fail to take action.  These conditions can not only cause damage to the mother, but also to the developing baby which causes harm.  These are serious pre-natal birth injuries.

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