When people think of medical mistakes, they often think first of doctors, but other members of the healthcare team such as nurses can also make mistakes that may harm a patient. In fact, sometimes a nurse’s mistake can significantly impact the health and future of their patients—and may even mean the difference between life and death.

When a nursing error causes injuries and damages, the patient or their family member may want to reach out to a compassionate Schenectady nursing error lawyer for help in filing a legal claim. With a seasoned medical malpractice attorney by your side, you may be able to recover for all injuries and losses associated with your nurse’s negligence.

Types of Typical Nursing Errors

Even though nurses are not doctors and have different duties and levels of responsibility, they can still be held liable for certain errors in patient care. Examples of common nursing errors include:

  • Errors in communication with other nursing staff or doctors
  • Errors in following nursing protocols
  • Lack of knowledge in regard to equipment use or patient care standards
  • Failure to assess and monitor the condition of a patient
  • Documentation omissions or errors
  • Medication administration errors

Nurses are often the people who spend the most time with patients in long-term and acute care settings. Patients, family members, physicians, and other members of the healthcare team rely on them to be their hands, eyes, and ears. A failure to act, notice something is wrong, or report something that is wrong can lead to serious injury or even death.

Schenectady nursing error attorneys are available to help determine if a nursing error has occurred and, if so, who may be liable. In some cases, liability may be split between multiple nurses, or even between a nurse and a physician.

When Should a Nursing Error Case be Filed?

With the exception of the statute of limitations, there is no general rule about the best time to file a nursing error case. A Schenectady nursing error lawyer would need time to research and prepare the case, of course, but in general, these cases should be filed whenever the attorney deems they are ready to be filed but before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

According to New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214-a, all nursing error cases in Schenectady must be filed no later than two years and six months after the alleged date of the error. Generally, no extensions can be granted, and if this deadline passes, the plaintiff has likely given up their right to pursue compensation in relation to the nursing error.

Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations

New York civil practice law does allow for a couple exceptions to the statute of limitations. If the plaintiff was a minor at the time of the nursing error, the filing period would not begin until they reached their 18th birthday. However, no more than a total of ten years may pass after the error before a case becomes time-barred.

The other exception involves foreign objects being left inside of a patient during surgery. If the nursing error involves such a situation, the statute of limitations is one year after the discovery of the error or one year after reasonable discovery should have been made.

Speak with a Schenectady Nursing Error Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered injury due to a nursing error, you may have the right to pursue a civil claim for compensation. An experienced Schenectady nursing error lawyer could provide you with a case evaluation and information on how to proceed with your claim. Call today to learn more.