Signs that My Baby Have a Birth Injury: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Birth Injury, Traumatic Brain Injuries

Understanding the Signs of a Birth Injury Due to New York Medical Malpractice

We trust our doctors and healthcare providers with our lives—and our baby’s life.  This is the ultimate vote of confidence given that our baby is considered to be our most precious gift.  While most healthcare providers understand this and treat our newborns with the greatest care, unfortunately some healthcare providers do not.  Many mistakes could be made which result in horrific injury due to New York medical malpractice.  These birth injuries could result in catastrophic injury which affects our baby’s entire life.

And the worst part about most birth injuries?

You have to WAIT to see the damages!

Even if you are confident that a doctor’s negligence resulted in a birth injury, the fact that the baby was injured does not automatically mean that the damage will be immediately apparent.  This is particularly true of brain injuries, but also to brachial plexus (nerve) injuries.  Thus, many times the damage that a healthcare provider has caused will not be apparent until the baby has had the opportunity to develop.

There are some signs of a birth injury which could help indicate that there are problems.  This can allow for early intervention and help with some development, not necessarily in bringing an action.  Said differently, these signs are important for you as an early warning system to help work with your child, and these are not signs that you should check off to look for a lawsuit.

For instance, at 5-7 months your baby should:

  • Reach for objects;
  • Make eye contact with people who are talking to him or her;
  • Babble;
  • At 7 months, babble in a manner to imitate other sounds;
  • Grab at objects in front of them;
  • Put objects in his or her mouth;
  • Sit upright;
  • Hold head up;
  • Have muscles that are not overly tight or muscular, or super soft, loose, or floppy; and
  • Other abnormal signs.

If a doctor’s mistakes result in serious personal injuries to your baby, you need to ensure that your baby’s rights are protected and the doctor liable.  Should the healthcare providers be liable?  Even if it takes years to manifest the signs and symptoms of a brain injury?


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