Surgical Burns Caused by New York Medical Malpractice

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Surgical Burns Due to New York Medical Malpractice: Cauterizing Tool Errors, Friction Burns, and Chemical Burns

One type of New York medical malpractice that you may not have heard before are surgical burns.  These burns could be caused by surgical fires, and are very damaging and destructive.  But most people do not know about surgical burns, and may have never heard of surgical burns as being a type of New York medical malpractice.  But surgical fires and the damage that they can cause could result in absolutely catastrophic injuries, particularly when the injuries are caused during massive surgeries like abdominal surgeries and chest surgeries.

Causes of Surgical Burns Due to New York Medical Malpractice

There are several possible causes of surgical burns due to New York medical malpractice, all which can usually be avoided.  The most common causes include the following:

  • Improper use of cauterizing tool – Cauterization is not a new type of opening and closing of wounds.  But unfortunately many surgeons use cauterization in “off label” ways which could be more dangerous to a patient, even if the cauterization makes it easier for the surgeon.  This is simply just a short cut.  As a result improperly using a cauterization tool could result in very serious injuries and damage which is usually irreversible.
  • Using a cauterization tool around flammable material – While cauterization tools are not new, many of the supporting items like gauzes and sprays are new and may be more flammable than items of the past.  This could cause huge fires on and in a patient.
  • Excessive use of flammable material – using too many alcohol-based sprays and disinfectants, while important to keep bacteria off of a wound or surgical site, it also very dangerous and can result in very serious personal injuries if it catches fire.
  • Electrocution – improper use of other tools could result in them to short circuit and cause an electric burn on a patient which could be very dangerous and even deadly.
  • Friction burns – Another type of surgical burn that could cause very serious personal injury is a friction burn, such as when a drill is spinning but resting against the patient’s body which causes a friction burn.  Other tools that spin or rotation could also cause very serious friction burns and be due to medical malpractice.
  • Chemical burns – using caustic chemicals may be necessary to clean wounds, but improperly using these tools could result in very serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

If you receive injuries due to a surgical burn from New York medical malpractice, it could result in very serious and debilitating injuries throughout a person’s life.  Some surgical burns could even be so serious that they could result in wrongful death.  But what do you think?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment or I also welcome your phone call on my toll-free cell at 1-866-889-6882 or you can drop me an e-mail at  You are always welcome to request my FREE book, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims, at the home page of my website at