Surgical Errors Caused by New York Medical Malpractice

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New York urgical errors are probably the most common type of New York medical malpractice that a person things of.  Indeed, medical malpractice usually contours images of surgeons cutting the wrong thing, slipping with a tool, or patients dying on the operating table.  These are what have been popularized with TV and movies, but also the most common interaction that people have with physicians.

Well, those three examples above actually happen.  And those are common examples of surgical errors caused by a careless, reckless, or negligent surgeon or healthcare provider.

There are other examples which also happen though, some which take days or weeks to become clear.  Those instances of surgical malpractice are also ones that are most likely to be fatal.

For instance, the last week or so I have been reporting on a series of horrific instance of medical malpractice due to botched hysterectomies.  These surgeries ended up causing amputations to victims.  In one case out of North Carolina, the victim had both her hands and feet, as well as part of her bowels, removed.  This was due to an INFECTION.

The risk of surgery does usually cause an infection.  Infections are what can be very devastating to a person because when a knife cuts open and exposes tissue, bacteria can get inside which cause the infection.  Patients harmed by infections may take days or have complications or decide it is time to get treatment.  At this time the danger is high, and sepsis could become a real problem.  This is what caused irreversible damage to the North Carolina patient who ended up having sepsis take her hands and feet.

Other surgical errors could be due to anesthesia mishaps.  This includes improperly putting the breathing tube down the person’s throat and into their lungs, known as incubation.  When a patient is not incubated properly, it can result in a hypoxic injury due to the lack of oxygen.  This can quickly cause brain damage or the death of a patient.

Other surgical errors include wrong site surgery, wrong patient surgery, and just incompetent surgical procedures that are not done the right way.

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