Surgical Fires Causing Serious Injuries: Do They Really Happen?

Burn Injuries, Surgery

Have you ever heard of a surgical fire?  Probably not!  But surgical fires are very serious and can be deadly.  As the name implies, these are fires that occur during a surgery.  They are so dangerous because a patient is anesthetized and unable to aid in the detection of the fire or to help explain what hurts where.  Moreover, when these types of fires occur, it is likely that the patient is opened up and the fire results in damage to vital areas of the body such as the abdominal cavity.  Injuries to this part of the part caused by a fire can be absolutely devastating, as burns to internal organs are prone for serious and deadly infections.

Surgical fires happen for many reasons.  During procedures, many flammable liquids and substances are used.  Everything from the sterilizing agent to help to prevent infection, to the cotton lap pads to absorb blood and fluids, these are all flammable.  The fire comes from the tools used to cut or perform the procedure.  The first and most obvious tool is the cauterizer or other hot instrument used to cut and seal wounds.  This can clearly cause serious fires.  The second type of tool is any tool that spins or generates friction.  This friction can quickly and excessively heat the body or nearby flammable structures.  This can result in a serious and deadly burn.

Victims of surgical fires are entitled to compensation for this type of New York medical malpractice.  While surgical fires are rare, they should never happen!  The surgeon and medical team is in charge of the instrument which could cause the fire—they should be liable!  And they usually are.

These types of medical errors should just never happen.  Patients trust that surgeons and medical teams will not cause fires or damage to them like this.  The mistakes are avoidable but the outcome can be catastrophic.

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