Team Training Reduces Patient Mortality and Medical Errors: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Medical Errors and Patient Mortality are Lower with Team Training: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

A study from originating out of Rice University and some other contributors, including John Hopkins and the Department of Defense, have found that team training in healthcare reduces medical errors by 19 percent and can lower patient mortality by 15 percent.  Our New York medical malpractice lawyer finds this quite interesting and a good result for clients.  The study found that team training helps improve team knowledge, skills, and problem-solving skills.  This is great because it helps reduce patient injuries which are preventable.

This means that medical errors which may be medical malpractice are also avoided.  It helps to prevent New York medical malpractice to patients that may be irreparably harmed and offer permanent and debilitating injuries.  Better yet, it can avoid the wrongful death of a patient which could also be very serious for a family who depends on that patient and his or her income, services, and affection.  Having a decrease of patient deaths simply due to team training is a very low burden which should be exercised.

In addition to lowering medical errors and lowering patient mortality, it also increases the positive reactions from team.  In fact, the study confirmed that team members that trained together not only had better results, but a better disposition to healthcare—a “positive” disposition.  This is a very important part of healthcare.

In terms of hospitals, particularly in emergency rooms, the fact that healthcare providers are learning together and obtaining better results, coupled with the fact that they are becoming happier and being more positive, is just all around great news for patients to avoid becoming victims of New York medical malpractice.

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