Will Be Forever Grateful

My husband passed away suddenly in November 2011. I was 38 with 6-year old twins. Not exactly something you would think would ever happen to you. I know I did not. Honestly that time and what the doctors told me I don’t quite remember.

I remember getting a call from John and I didn’t really know why. Never thought to question the doctors. After quite a long conversation John asked if he could come to my house and speak to me in person. After speaking with him and giving him permission to look further into the death of my husband, I honestly did not think he would find any fault in what the doctors had done because, they are supposed to know what they are doing right?? Well I was wrong. The doctor that treated my husband the day before he passed had made a huge mistake. All of the sudden I was a widowed mother of twins, confused and angry.

John and his team answered every phone call, every email and every question I had throughout the entire process. Never making me feel like I was a bother. He was professional, caring and tough as nails when needed. After the case was settled, he set me up with a financial advisor so I could get the correct advice I needed to do what was right with the money that my children and I were awarded.

John and his team helped me and my children through the hardest thing in our lives and we will be forever grateful to him and his staff.