Top Conditions That Misdiagnoses are New York Medical Malpractice

Cancer Misdiagnosis, Heart Attack Misdiagnosis, Misdiagnosis

Medical Conditions that Cannot be Misdiagnosed: Serious New York Medical Malpractice

Anytime a condition is misdiagnosed it allows the condition to grow worse and continue to become more untreatable.  This misdiagnosis can also allow the condition to become irreversible and fatal.  This is why it is imperative that doctors and healthcare providers identify, treat, and properly care for a patient with one of the more deadly or dangerous conditions.  Failure to do so could be New York medical malpractice, no matter if it occurs in Kingston, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, New York City, Westchester, or anywhere else in New York.

The top conditions which must be immediately diagnosed or it could lead to permanent injury or death of a patient include the following:

  • Heart attacks – it goes without saying that a delay in diagnosing and treating a heart attack just increases the risk of a patient dying or suffering permanent heart damage.
  • Stroke – the longer that the brain or part of the brain is without oxygen, the more damage will be done; time is tissue, and a misdiagnosed or delayed diagnosis is likely New York medical malpractice;
  • Pulmonary embolism – delays in treating a pulmonary embolism can result in the quick death of a patient, even if not immediately.  This is because there is about a 10-30% chance of death in the first month, and the more damage that the PE does initially the more likely that chance of death will be.
  • Aortic dissection – an aortic dissection is a very serious type of medical condition which also must be treated quickly like a heart attack.  Delays here can lead to very permanent damage to the body and result in the wrongful death of a patient.
  • Cancer – it goes without saying that cancer must be immediately identified and treated, and failing to do so will result in serious injury or death because the condition will be allowed to fester in the body.

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