Tort Reform? How about a Medical and Congressional Reform!

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There is a lot of push for tort reform.  Kentucky is discussing revising some of its medical malpractice statutes to lower the amount of money for attorneys and to require new burdens to filing medical malpractice cases.  Michigan recently had a massive injustice with the medical malpractice cap causing a lawyer to bring a negligence cause of action instead of medical malpractice, which resulted in $20 million vacated.  North Carolina reported a case with a victim who lost her hands, feet, and will never eat again due to a medical error and will only get $500,000 due to the medical malpractice cap.  Even outside medical malpractice, in our New York district U.S. Representative John Faso wants to get rid of the “Scaffolding Law,” which protects laborers who generally lack a voice and the ability to stand up for themselves so that corporations and insurance carriers have less exposure too liability.

The trend in each of these examples?

We the people, we the victims, we the citizens know that they the corporations, they the insurers, they the politicians are not protecting us.  They talk about tort reform and the rising costs of medical malpractice because the reason.


Isn’t it cheaper to properly perform a hysterectomy, instead of the hysterectomy, a bowel resection, and four amputations?

Isn’t it cheaper to do a jaw surgery than an unnecessary brain surgery on the wrong patient, only to have to do another brain surgery on the right patient?


It’s not like these victims of medical malpractice wanted these additional surgeries!

If the healthcare providers just did their job properly, the costs of healthcare would have been reduced SIX surgeries above!  Instead of a hysterectomy and a jaw surgery, there was a hysterectomy, left hand amputation, right hand amputation, left foot amputations, right foot amputation, bowel resection, brain surgery, and jaw surgery.

Now who really need the reform?

Oh, don’t forget the Legislatures that want to keep us from recovering and still protecting this conduct at our expense.

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