Traumatic Brain Injuries Due to New York Medical Malpractice

Traumatic Brain Injuries

New York Medical Malpractice and Traumatic Brain Injuries 

A traumatic brain injury or TBI is an injury to the brain in such a form that is causes disruption to the normal functioning of the brain.  Most people think that a traumatic brain injury must be some massive of devastating injury such as debris in the brain, or part of the brain mistakenly cut or torn.  But a concussion can be a TBI, and it can be such a debilitating TBI that a person may need around-the-clock care and treatment, be unable to work, be unable to walk or operate a vehicle, and may even be unable to eat without a feeding tube.  Thus, it is important that any person who has sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a medical error or New York medical malpractice should have an Albany medical malpractice lawyer to review.  

How Does New York Medical Malpractice Cause a Traumatic Brain Injury?

New York medical malpractice can cause a serious TBI in several different ways.  The most common ways that medical mistakes or errors could cause a TBI include the following:

  • Medication errors and prescription mistakes;
  • Surgical mishaps, including slips of the knife;
  • Anesthesia errors, including overdoses;
  • Improper positioning of a patient resulting in hypoxic injuries (lack of oxygen);
  • Failing to proper incubate a patient;
  • Failing to properly monitor a patient for oxygen saturations; 
  • Inadequate perfusion of a patient, including failing to monitor proper blood pressure and blood loss during a surgery;
  • Issues with risks or side effects of other surgeries, such as causing clots; and
  • Many other reasons.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of New York medical malpractice and sustained a TBI, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries including compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, future medical care, medical bills, lost earnings, and other expenses.  It is important to hold negligent doctors and hospitals liable for these mistakes.  But what do you think?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment or I also welcome your phone call on my toll-free cell at 1-866-889-6882 or you can drop me an e-mail at  You are always welcome to request my FREE book, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims, at the home page of my website at