Despite the chaos presented by most emergency rooms, the medical staff who work in them still have a duty to treat their patients in a timely and appropriate fashion, and following the industry standard of care for each patient’s condition. When an emergency room error occurs and causes injuries, contact a Troy ER error lawyer to schedule a consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Common Forms of ER Errors

Patients who have suffered additional illness or injury following a trip to the emergency room may not automatically have grounds to file a lawsuit. To have sufficient grounds for a claim, the injured party must demonstrate that the hospital staff acted negligently by failing to meet the same standard of care other medical providers in the same practice area would. Some of the most common forms of emergency room errors include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Prescribing incorrect medication
  • Contaminated blood transfusions
  • Incomplete or faulty laboratory testing
  • The ER staff failed to admit someone in critical need of care
  • The medical personnel failed to properly treat the patient

Because ER error cases are complicated, it is important that injured parties seek the guidance and assistance of a skilled Troy attorney. An experienced lawyer could investigate the conditions of the patient’s injury, consult with medical experts to collect and review the records, evaluate monetary damages suffered, and pursue maximum compensation on behalf of the injured individual.

Common Types of Injuries Resulting from ER Errors

When a medical provider fails to order the proper tests, monitor a patient properly, or if they miss other essential details, the impact on the patient could be devastating. Common injuries include:

  • Infections
  • Prolonged recovery time
  • A second, more harmful occurrence of a misdiagnosed condition, such as a heart attack or stroke
  • Loss of organs or limbs
  • Adverse medication reactions or overdose
  • Permanent disability
  • Brain injury
  • Death

Recovering Compensation

The cost of an injury due to an ER error could be overwhelming, and the costs of medical bills and time lost at work could quickly become a financial hardship. Injury victims have the right to hire an ER error attorney in Troy and file a claim for compensation when their injury is caused by medical negligence.

Someone who is injured because of an ER error could recover compensation for a wide range of financial damages such as medical expenses, therapy and rehabilitation, medications and medical devices, disability, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and disability. Other recoverable damages could include compensation for emotional distress, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

Statutory Deadline to File a Troy ER Error Lawsuit

In the state of New York, a lawsuit for medical malpractice must be filed within two years and six months of the negligent act under New York Civil Practice Laws and Rules §214-A. Plaintiffs could lose their right to sue a health care provider if they do not file their case by the statutory deadline, unless they fall into one of the few exceptions.

There may be exceptions to the deadline if the victim does not discover a foreign object left in their body until after the statute has expired. Plaintiffs have one year after discovery of the foreign object to file a case.

In New York, the statutory deadline for minor children in malpractice cases does not begin to run until the child turns 18, with one exception. However, no case may be commenced if ten years have passed from the date of malpractice. An ER error lawyer in Troy could ensure compliance with all filing deadlines.

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If you are injured because of hospital negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. A Troy ER error lawyer could provide guidance and aggressively pursue financial recovery on your behalf from liable parties. Call today to schedule a consultation and case evaluation.