Undiagnosed Infections Resulting in Sepsis: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Undiagnosed Infections Resulting in Sepsis

We have all heard about infections before and know how they can be potentially dangerous.  Odds are you have had an infection recently, even just a cold.  However, some infections are significantly more serious and can result in significant personal injuries or wrongful death if the infection is not properly treated in a timely manner.  This could also lead to sepsis, which is a very deadly condition which can lead to multiple organ failure, amputations, and wrongful death.  When there is a serious infection which is undiagnosed, an individual or family should contact a New York medical malpractice lawyer to learn what rights they may have.

How Infections Turn to Sepsis

Our New York medical malpractice lawyer knows that infections turn to sepsis if the signs and symptoms of an infection are ignored.  That means when healthcare providers are ignoring the signs of an infection which we all know—high fever, sweating, elevated heart rate, overall not feeling well, headaches, nausea, and other related symptoms.  We know these symptoms even when we are a young child—so how trained medical professionals miss these symptoms is very severe New York medical malpractice.

When an infection is allowed to fester for too long, it can result in very serious complications.  When the infection spreads to other parts of a person’s body, it can result in an infection of the blood.  A blood infection is very dangerous because it can spread the bacteria or other agents responsible for the infection to other parts of the body.  This results in a wide-spread infection, also known as sepsis. 

What is Sepsis and Why it Can be Due to New York Medical Malpractice

Sepsis is that blood infection which affects all parts of the body.  It should never happen, especially if a patient with an infection goes to a hospital or healthcare provider.  If a young child can identify the symptoms of an infection, a trained medical professional should too!  This is why when a patient goes into a hospital without sepsis and leaves with sepsis that it could be due to New York medical malpractice.

Sepsis should simply not occur when a patient comes into a hospital or healthcare office without it.  Sepsis takes time to develop and really requires an individual to ignore the signs and symptoms of an infection for a significant enough period of time to allow the infection to perfuse throughout a person’s entire body.

Undiagnosed Infections Resulting in Sepsis Can be New York Medical Malpractice

It simply does not make sense for an undiagnosed infection to result in an amputation, loss of vision, or even wrongful death.  But that is what can happen with New York medical malpractice.  If a young child can identify the signs of an infection, shouldn’t a doctor?!  Of course!  Call a New York medical malpractice lawyer if you or your loved one’s infection results in sepsis while under the care and treatment of a healthcare provider.

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