What are Some Hypoxic Damages to Newborns Due to New York Medical Malpractice?

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Understanding What Comes Next: Hypoxic Damages to Newborns Due to New York Medical Malpractice

Yesterday, I wrote about the causes of hypoxic injuries to a newborn.  My blog post explored the common causes and why they could be avoided with the proper and reasonable medical care and attention a newborn baby deserves.  Today, I am writing about what happens with the hypoxic injuries now.  What are the damages?  What conditions does it cause?  And how could it result in a life-long injury and care for the victim.  Our Kingston birth injury lawyer explains what hypoxic damages to a newborn can do and what conditions that the newborn could suffer.

Hypoxic Damages to a Newborn Due to New York Medical Malpractice

As noted yesterday, a hypoxic injury is an injury which is caused by a lack of oxygen.  This commonly happens to newborns during the birthing process, particularly in prolonged labors which put a lot of pressure on the baby and the umbilical cord which affects oxygen to the baby.  As a result, some of the most common hypoxic damages to a baby include the following:

  • Cerebral palsy – cerebral palsy is a series of conditions caused to a baby which results in a larger disability.  These conditions are due to damage to the developing brain caused by a hypoxic injury.  The hypoxic injuries cause lesions to the brain, which impair its functioning or completely disrupt the normal development process (meaning certain functions will simply not develop).  Cerebral palsy is usually marked by a motor disfunction to some degree, even though some speech, cognitive function, physiology, and other damages may be caused.
  • Impairment to sense of smell, hearing, sight;
  • Severe developmental impairment;
  • Cognitive impairment and delays;
  • Inability to properly function;
  • Processing delays and impairments;
  • Developmental delays, including delays with the growth of a patient; and 
  • Many other issues and damages.

If your newborn baby has suffered a hypoxic injury which has resulted in developmental delays, cerebral palsy, or other brain damage, please call our Kingston birth injury lawyer to learn what rights to compensation you and your family may have to help ensure your baby has the best medical care, therapy, and treatment that he or she deserves.  These conditions are very damaging and can result in a disruption of the entire family’s life.  Learn how to fix that with our help.  Shouldn’t these doctors and healthcare providers be liable for the damages caused to your loved one?  Absolutely!

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