What is Kernicterus and Why Could it be New York Medical Malpractice and Birth Injury

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Understanding Kernicterus: New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains this Serious Birth Injury 

Kernicterus is a very rare condition that most people will never know about or hear about.  However, if you are reading this post right now you likely have a newborn baby who has been diagnosed with Kernicterus.  This is a very scary time for new parents, particularly first time parents, and should be treated very seriously.  So seriously that you should immediately call our New York medical malpractice lawyer and birth injury lawyer to set up a free consultation to learn what your rights to compensation may be.  This is because Kernicterus is a medical emergency which should simply not happen in babies.  When it does, it is very likely that there has been very serious New York medical malpractice.

Understanding Kernicterus and New York Medical Malpractice

Kernicterus is a very dangerous health condition.  This is when a baby has jaundice, which is very common in almost all babies.  This is because a baby’s liver and kidneys are working to filter our toxins, but are not used to working alone just yet.  However, Kernicterus is when the baby’s jaundice continues so long that is creates an unsafe buildup in the baby’s blood of the toxins.  These toxins can cause very serious and caustic conditions in a baby’s brain, which can result in significant brain damage and even a traumatic brain injury.  

This could be result in very serious developmental conditions that a baby could be permanently injured.  This could cause cerebral palsy too which is a very debilitating condition which could affect a baby’s life very seriously.  Cerebral palsy is marked by the lesions and damage not the brain in the areas that affect voluntary motor control.  

Thus, Kernicterus can have a very damaging and long-lasting impact on a newborn’s longterm health.  Shouldn’t healthcare providers who cause this type of New York medical malpractice and birth injury be liable for their mistakes?  Absolutely!

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