Why a Long Period of Labor Could Result in New York Birth Injuries

Birth Injury

The Longer the Period of Labor, the Higher the Risk of a New York Birth Injury

The birth of a child is a wonderful thing.  Our children our precious.  We want the best for them.  We want everything to go smoothly with the labor and delivery process.  Most of the time that happens.  But other times the labor can be prolonged.  Certain factors affect the length of labor, including the size of the baby, size of the mother, age, genetics, and even just dumb luck.  While labor can be safely managed, it is well known that the longer the period of labor is, the higher the risk of potential damage to the baby.  This means that serious New York birth injuries could be caused by a prolonged labor.

But why does a longer labor equate to a higher risk of serious birth injuries and damage?  This is simply because of what is going on during labor!

Labor is the process which the baby is leaving the higher station inside the mother’s belly and is traveling down through the pelvis and out the birth canal.  Contractions of the strong uterine muscles are what help propel the baby through these stations and to be own.  Each contraction puts pressure on the baby.  This pressure also is put on the umbilical cord.  Like if you were holding a straw that you were drinking from, the more pressure that you excerpt on the straw, the less transfer of drink you will receive.  Similarly, the more contractions and the stronger that the contractions are, the less oxygen and nutrients that the baby will receive.

This can result in a hypoxic injury, or an injury due to a deprivation of oxygen.  This can cause very severe birth injuries, including brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and other cognitive and developmental birth injuries.  This is why labor can be rather dangerous for a baby, because the longer it is going on the more damage that the baby could be sustaining due to the serious contractions.

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