Hospitals should be institutions of stability and health improvement. However, some patients are harmed in hospitals due to poor infection control practices. The U.S. Department of Health estimates that one in 20 patients admitted to hospitals in the United States will develop a serious infection.

For patients already suffering from health problems, a serious infection could lead to even worse sickness or even death. If you developed an infection after being admitted to a hospital, you might have a valid claim for monetary compensation with the help of a seasoned medical malpractice lawyer. Speaking with an Albany avoidable infection lawyer could help you determine how to best handle your case.

What Causes Avoidable Infections?

In a hospital setting, many factors might lead to a bacterial or viral infection. Hospitals owe their patients a duty of care that includes taking adequate steps to prevent infections acquired in the facility. Failure to take those adequate steps to protect patients constitutes a breach of duty, making the hospital liable for any consequent damages. Avoidable infection cases are different from undiagnosed infection cases.

Common causes of avoidable infections in a hospital setting or doctor’s office are:

  • Failing to disinfect equipment such as IV pumps, medical tools, and call lights
  • Failing to adhere to proper disposal precautions of biohazardous materials such as blood or tissue
  • Antibiotic overuse that creates a powerful antibiotic-resistant bacterium
  • Poor hygiene practices such as infrequent handwashing

Patients who are diagnosed with catheter infections, surgical site infections, central line infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and any other types of infections after being admitted to the hospital should reach out to an Albany avoidable infection attorney to discuss legal options.

Pure Comparative Fault in Albany

New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §1411 outlines the common premise of pure comparative fault. Attorneys for the defense might suggest to the jury that the plaintiff played a role in their own injuries. If the jury determines that a plaintiff contributed to their injuries, they will assign a proportion of fault.

Even if the jury assigns fault to the plaintiff, the plaintiff may still recover monetary compensation in their cause. However, a plaintiff’s damages will be decreased proportionately to their own fault in the matter.

The defense may claim that the plaintiff did not follow their physician’s instructions such as cleaning a wound, taking antibiotics, or taking other actions to help reduce the risk of infection. By working with a knowledgeable avoidable infection lawyer in Albany, plaintiffs might reduce their potential liability in their case.

An Albany Avoidable Infection Attorney Could File Your Claim

If you are ready to pursue the compensation that you are entitled to after developing an infection in a hospital, schedule a consultation with an experienced Albany avoidable infection lawyer. In this consultation, you could learn if your case has legal standing, what legal strategies might work best, and what your case might be worth.

Do not accept a settlement from the hospital or an insurance company until you have consulted with an attorney. Your right to file a case expires after a designated period of time, so call today to make your appointment for a lawsuit or settlement.