Modern doctors have many innovative tools and tests at their disposal to help make a diagnosis. But even with all these medical evaluations, your doctor may diagnose you incorrectly due to inadequate testing. Without an accurate diagnosis, you may not receive the appropriate course of treatment.

If a doctor failed to order a diagnostic test and gave a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis as a result, an Albany inadequate testing lawyer could help you seek compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit. A steadfast medical malpractice attorney could work with you to identify improper care and determine how to proceed after an injury.

Why Would a Doctor Fail to Order a Test?

Doctors work in high stress environments where every decision could have a life or death impact. The demands of a doctor’s job could affect a physician’s ability to think clearly and process information regarding their patient’s needs. Busy doctors may rush through patient examinations and fail to gather the important facts that would inform a treatment plan.

Whether a doctor is too busy, disorganized, or simply forgets to order the proper test, their failure to appropriately treat the patient may lead to serious and potentially life-threatening harm. Medical professionals must comply with the professional standards that dictate the level of care they are expected to provide to patients. These standards help ensure that doctors offer acceptable treatment for their patients.

For this reason, it is essential for doctors to order the appropriate diagnostic tests before determining a course of action. Although not every medical mistake is a breach of duty, doctors who fail to order adequate testing may have violated the legally required standard of care and may be liable a patient’s injuries.

Receiving Compensation for Injuries

When a patient suffers a misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, or other harm due to inadequate testing, they could file a lawsuit in civil court against their physician. Filing a suit could lead to financial compensation for someone’s damages.

If a patient’s condition goes undiagnosed and untreated, they may suffer significant health complications. Victims could seek compensation for the costs associated with inadequate testing. This may include the cost of additional medical treatments or the value of pain and suffering.

Many people choose to work with an inadequate testing lawyer in Albany when considering a lawsuit for compensation. Plaintiffs, or the injured complainant, must prove the doctor’s negligence caused their resulting illness or injury. This complex process can be daunting when an injured person is simultaneously coping with health problems and financial concerns. A well-practiced legal representative could handle potential settlement offers and litigation to help alleviate a victim’s stress.

Consult an Albany Inadequate Testing Attorney to Learn More

Diagnostic tests are the lifesaving tools that allow doctors to understand your condition and provide proper care. When a medical professionals fails to adequately run these tests, they may miss important details of your injuries or disease. Without a diagnose, a person may not receive adequate treatment and could suffer irreparable harm as a result.

If your doctor’s inadequate testing left your condition untreated, you may be able to recover compensation. Call an accomplished Albany inadequate testing lawyer to discuss your potential claim in more detail. Allow an attorney to their experience to your medical malpractice claim. Call to schedule an initial case review today.