Surgical staples are a tool that is commonly used during a variety of procedures. These staples have been used by surgeons regularly for years, and in most cases, they serve their purpose without issue.

Unfortunately, the misuse of surgical staples could lead to unintended bodily harm. When a surgeon makes a major mistake that results in a surgical stapling injury, a dedicated surgical error attorney might be able to help. A solid first step toward fair compensation in your case is to reach out to an Albany surgical stapling injuries lawyer

How Malpractice Occurs with Surgical Staples

The purpose of surgical staples is to reduce recovery time and improve the body’s healing process following a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, without proper care, these staples have the potential to do more harm than good. A surgeon must follow directions for these staples exactly a instructed or else serious injuries could occur as a result.

The most common injury stemming from surgical staples is torn or damaged tissues or organs. Stapling in the wrong place or operating the stapler improperly could cause the staples to cut or tear the tissue of the patient.

Another type of stapling injury that can arise due to medical malpractice is the formation of a fistula. A fistula is a type of abnormal connection that is formed between two organs or tissues that would not ordinarily be connected. Other injuries could include internal bleeding, sepsis, or, in rare cases, wrongful death.

Not all stapling injuries occur as a result of misuse by the surgeon. In some cases, faulty staplers are to blame, which might require a defective product claim. Under either circumstance, the outcome could be severe, life-altering injuries for the patient. An Albany surgical stapling injuries attorney could get to the bottom of the cause of the injuries.

Timeline to File a Surgical Staples Malpractice Claim

To prevent the medical field from facing an open-ended threat of a lawsuit following an error, New York has adopted a limitation on the amount of time a patient has to file a malpractice lawsuit. This deadline—which is commonly known as the statute of limitations—can limit a patient’s ability to seek compensation for their medical injuries. This is problematic in cases where the harm from surgical stapling injuries is not immediately obvious.

The statute of limitations in Albany expires after two years and six months. This 30-month period begins to count down on the day the medical error occurred. Once the statute of limitations runs out, and the claimant has not yet filed, there is no option to pursue the lawsuit any further.

There are some exceptions that could extend the statutory period. These exceptions cover injuries caused by medical objects left in a person’s body, as well as delayed cancer diagnoses. Unfortunately, there is no exception that applies in surgical stapling injury cases.

Given the risks associated with the statute of limitations, it is important to pursue these lawsuits without delay. A surgical stapling injuries attorney in Albany could help pursue legal action against the negligent doctor or medical professional before the statute expires.

Reach Out to an Albany Surgical Stapling Injuries Attorney Today

If you were injured during a medical procedure by surgical staplers, you could be entitled to financial compensation. These stapling injuries can take a long time to heal, and they could have a lasting impression on your life and livelihood. Let an Albany surgical stapling injuries lawyer help you seek justice. Call right away to discuss your options.