Surgical operations may improve or prolong your life, but only if the medical professionals responsible for the procedure perform it on the correct part of the body. If you or a family member received a wrong-site surgery, you might wonder how you will ever recover from unexpected medical bills, additional pain and suffering, and potentially no relief from the initial condition to be operated on.

With the help of a compassionate Albany wrong-site surgery lawyer, you could receive the monetary compensation and justice you deserve. For answers to all your questions and concerns, speak with a knowledgeable surgical error attorney.

Who Is Responsible for Wrong-Site Surgery?

When a healthcare provider breaches their duty of care by making an error of commission or omission, any patient injured as a result may have grounds to file a malpractice lawsuit. In a wrong-site surgery lawsuit, there could be multiple parties liable, including:

  • Surgeons
  • Attending doctors
  • Nurses
  • Operating room staff
  • The hospital or surgery center
  • Specialists

In Albany, the plaintiff’s wrong-site surgery attorney must be able to prove to a civil court that one or more healthcare providers breached their duty by not using the same care that another reasonable and prudent healthcare provider would use in a similar situation. When a doctor is negligent by performing surgery on the wrong area of their patient’s body, they could be held liable for any and all damages their patient incurs.

Lawsuits with Multiple Defendants

Prudent healthcare providers employ several processes to ensure that wrong-site surgeries do not happen, such as having patients mark the surgical site themselves and obtaining multiple verbal confirmations of the surgery to be performed from the patient. When wrong-site surgical errors happen, it is likely that more than one healthcare provider contributed to the devastating error.

Nurses, surgeons, surgical assistants, and even hospital administrators all have a duty to ensure patients receive the proper care, but sometimes multiple links in this proverbial chain fail to uphold this duty. In such unfortunate cases, a court may determine which parties are liable and to what degree they are liable.

Each defendant could then be responsible for paying their proportionate share of damages to the plaintiff. A skilled wrong-site surgery lawyer in Albany may be able to help maximize the compensation an injured individual receives by ensuring that every liable defendant is held to account for their errors.

Let an Albany Wrong-Site Surgery Attorney Help

Filing a lawsuit against the healthcare providers that negligently caused your injuries may seem like an insurmountable task while you are still in the midst of recovery. However, once you hire an experienced Albany wrong-site surgery lawyer to represent your legal interests, you could focus on recuperating while your legal counsel focuses on pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Depending on the situation, your attorney might even be able to negotiate a settlement to resolve your case without going through a formal trial. To learn more about legal options available to you and receive a case evaluation, call today. Your right to file a lawsuit has a time limit, so it may be imperative to act quickly.