Failing to Diagnose a Tendon Injury: New York Medical Malpractice


How Failing to Diagnose a Tendon Injury Could be New York Medical Malpractice

Tendons connect muscle to bone.  They are very important structures and frequently are vital to muscle movement.  For instance, your rotator cuff tendons are what stabilize and move your arm.  These tendons are actually crucial for proper, smooth, and uninterrupted movement of the arm.  Just ask any baseball pitcher, a torn rotator cuff-even just one tear—can shut down the entire shoulder.  This is why it is critical that a doctor diagnosis and treat a patient anytime there is a tendon injury.  Failing to diagnose a tendon injury could be New York medical malpractice.

It could be New York medical malpractice because the tendon injuries are not likely broken bones which, if they heal wrong, could be re-broken and fixed.  This is because a tendon will begin to form scar tissue.  This scar tissue on the little tendon will impair how the tendon works.  Surgeons might be able to deride, or cut away, some of the scar tissue.  But if they cut away too much of that scar tissue, it could be cutting away vital tendon structure.  This means that the tendon itself could become impaired.  

Therefore, it is imperative that a doctor diagnose a tendon injury immediately and treat it as soon as possible.  This is because scar tissue can begin to form in as little as a well.  This is why the standard of care requires doctors to diagnosis and treat a tendon injury in that time frame.  Thus, anytime a torn tendon, either partially or fully, is not repaired by a doctor that misses the diagnosis, it could be New York medical malpractice for failing to diagnose a tendon injury.

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