Countless patients rely on their doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and distribute necessary medications every day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that over 75 percent of doctor office visits involve prescription drug therapy.

Almost as many hospital visits also involve drug therapy, and since so many patients rely on prescription medications, it is vital that prescribers and pharmacists take care to avoid medication errors. When a doctor or pharmacist’s error causes harm to a patient, the responsible healthcare provider may be liable for any damage their negligence caused.

If you believe you were the plaintiff of a medication error, consider exploring your legal options with a knowledgeable Kingston medical error lawyer. A dedicated malpractice attorney with experience in handling this type of case could champion your rights and help you seek financial recovery for your injuries and losses.

Medication Mix-Ups

Some of the most common medication errors involve a pharmacist giving a patient the wrong prescription drug. In certain cases, this type of error occurs when the pharmacist fills the prescription with the right medication but in the wrong dosage. These errors occur relatively frequently and may have devastating consequences.

What Could Happen if There was a Medication Error?

Patients who suffer allergic reactions or other complications associated with medication errors often require additional forms of treatment, and in extreme cases, a patient may suffer fatal complications after taking the wrong medication. When a pharmacist’s negligence results in a medication error, a Kingston attorney may be able to file a lawsuit on a plaintiff’s behalf seeking compensation for their treatment costs.

Prescriber Errors in Kingston

Not all medication errors occur at the pharmacy counter. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other prescribers can also make mistakes when initially prescribing a medication. Prescribers should review a patient’s medical history to ascertain which medications they are allergic to and which ones have been effectively used for them in the past.

What Factors Should prescribers Take into Account?

Prescribers must also take the patient’s age, sex, weight, and other factors into account when determining the dosage of medication that would be best for them. If a prescriber rushes through this process or neglects to consider the best medication for a specific patient, they could cause serious harm. In such a scenario, the injured or sick patient may be able to sue the provider with the help of a medication mistake lawyer in Kingston.

Consult a Kingston Medication Error Attorney

When someone takes a prescription drug they should not, they may suffer serious and even fatal side effects. Whether a person received the wrong medication entirely or the wrong dosage, they could suffer significantly because of a medical professional’s negligence. When negligence contributes to medication errors, the prescriber or pharmacist may be legally liable for the harm their patient suffers. If you suffered injury or illness due to a medication error, you could be eligible to seek financial compensation.

A Kingston medication error lawyer could work hard advocating on your behalf by reviewing your individual situation and explaining legal options that may be available given the circumstances. Call today to learn more.