Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare industry and can be found working in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and private practices around the country. While the care they provide to patients is indispensable, nurses could make mistakes that place the lives and well-being of patients at risk, similar to any other medical professional.

If you believe your illness or injury may have been caused by a nurse’s mistake, it may be wise to hire a Kingston nursing error lawyer to represent you. A qualified malpractice attorney could help you pursue compensation for your pain and emotional suffering.

What Are the Sources of Nursing Mistakes?

The vast majority of nurses are hardworking individuals who strive to provide exceptional care to the patients they serve. While mistakes are rare, they can place the lives of patients in jeopardy when they occur. Currently, many medical establishments around the country are feeling the effects of a serious nursing shortage. This means that many of these facilities do not have enough nurses to properly care for their patients.

The nurses who are on duty often face long and tiring hours that may leave them prone to fatigue. Other nurses are tasked with so many patients that it may be hard for them to keep track of what needs to be done. Inadequate training and a lack of communication can also cause nurses and other medical professionals to make a serious mistake. An experienced attorney could investigate the management of nurses by a hospital impacted a person’s nursing error injury.

Common Types of Nursing Errors

Nurses are charged with performing numerous roles in a hospital, and contrary to popular belief, they often contribute just as much to the care of patients as doctors. Unfortunately, nurses could make mistakes that cause additional harm to the individuals they are entrusted to care for. Some of the most common types of nursing errors that Kingston attorneys file suit over include:

  • Giving the wrong dosage or type of medication to a patient
  • Failing to monitor the condition of a patient
  • Misinterpreting the instructions of a doctor
  • Incorrectly performing a medical procedure
  • Failing to report changes in the health of a patient in a timely manner
  • Failing to correctly interpret the handwriting of a physician

Simple errors such as the ones listed above can have a major impact on the health and life of a patient. To make matters worse, many of these same mistakes can be prevented under most circumstances.

Complications Arising from Nursing Errors

Nurses play a major role in medical establishments, and the margin for error is very small during their day-to-day activities. While Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) receive extensive education and training, mistakes can still happen and cause a patient’s condition to worsen dramatically.

What Are the Worst-Case Scenarios for Nursing Errors?

More profound mistakes may even cause patients to suffer from stroke, severe brain damage, coma, cardiac failure, infection, and a host of other medical complications. Many of these complications are remarkably painful, expensive, and difficult to treat. Individuals who believe their condition may have been caused by a nursing error should consult a nursing error lawyer in Kingston to find out what compensation they may be able to pursue.

Call a Kingston Nursing Error Attorney

While nursing errors impact countless individuals every year, many of these individuals simply do not understand the legal resources at their disposal. With the help of an experienced attorney, those who suffer due to nursing errors could potentially obtain the justice and compensation they deserve. Call a Kingston nursing error lawyer today for additional information.