Intubation is commonly used in a wide range of procedures, sometimes saving lives, and often without incident. However, when intubation is done improperly, severe and sometimes fatal injuries may result. If you have been injured by negligent intubation, consider speaking with a Newburgh intubation complications lawyer to see if you are entitled to compensation for your damages.

A surgical malpractice attorney could pore over the facts of your case to identify whether negligence was to blame and pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.

The Intubation Process

Intubation is when a ventilator and tube are used to assist patients with breathing. Whether the patient is having a routine procedure or experiencing a medical emergency, intubation ensures they are receiving sufficient oxygen when they are unable to breathe properly on their own. Someone may require intubation if they are experiencing:

  • Insufficient blood oxygenation
  • Poor ventilation
  • An inability to keep an open airway
  • Aspiration
  • An inability to keep an open airway or stop aspiration

Intubation Complications and Injuries

Complications during intubation commonly stem from various factors such as an inexperienced healthcare worker, intubating too late, utilizing the wrong size tube, and inserting the tube incorrectly. Tube displacement, damage from prolonged intubation, and inadequate monitoring of an intubated patient may also lead to serious complications. Injuries from intubation complications include the following:

  • Infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Lung damage
  • Insufficient or excessive ventilation
  • Trouble breathing after the tube is taken out
  • Erroneous intubation into the stomach or esophagus
  • Larynx or trachea damage
  • Brain damage
  • Heart failure

In some cases, patients sustain permanent neurologic damage and disabilities. An injured patient should consult with an intubation complications lawyer in Newburgh to discuss what legal recourse might be possible when such adverse outcomes occur.

Is There a Deadline to File an Intubation Complications Lawsuit in Newburgh?

New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214-A sets a 30-month time limit in which victims of malpractice must file a civil lawsuit for compensatory damages. If someone delays and does not file by the close of the two and a half year period, they could be precluded from financial recovery. This makes it crucial for an injured patient to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before the statutory deadline expires to ensure their right to compensation is preserved.

Exceptions could apply in limited situations. For example, if a minor is hurt, they have until their eighteenth birthday to file a civil suit. Regardless, a civil suit must be filed within 10 years of the malpractice date or the date a foreign object was found or should have been found.

Which Monetary Damages Could Be Recovered After an Intubation Error?

A Newburgh attorney could zealously fight to ensure that an intubation complication victim receives just monetary damages to compensate for their physical and psychological harm. These damages may include lost income, diminished future earning potential, medical expenses, pain, and suffering. Other compensation may be available for loss of life enjoyment, disfigurement, scarring, and emotional anguish.

Set Up Your Consultation with a Newburgh Intubation Complications Attorney

Physicians are held to an extremely high medical standard for patient care. If a healthcare provider fails to satisfy the minimum standard of care a reasonably prudent doctor would otherwise provide under the same circumstances, they could be liable for a patient’s injuries.

A Newburgh intubation complications lawyer could work to hold negligent medical providers accountable for the full measure of compensation available to you. Set up your consultation with a Newburgh attorney by getting in touch today. You deserve relief from the expense caused by their errors.