If you were injured by complications from surgical staples, you could be entitled to financial recovery for the damages you have suffered. A Newburgh surgical stapling injuries lawyer could review the circumstances of your loss and help you determine whether you qualify for compensation. Working with local surgical error lawyer could help you find the best possible outcome for this case.

Surgical Stapling Errors Overview

Surgical staplers are commonly used by physicians during procedures to close wounds and surgical sites. These staples may be used either externally or internally instead of sutures. Among the benefits of using surgical staples includes faster wound recovery, reduced risk of infection, and greater durability.

Surgical staples are frequently used in gastrointestinal, gynecologic, and thoracic procedures. Staples may also be utilized during surgeries involving organ resection, organ transection, or anastomosis.

Potential Negligence in Surgical Stapling Injuries

While surgical stapling is intended to minimize potential post-operative complications, is the device misfires or becomes infected, the patient may suffer grave injuries as a result. The following are common causes of surgical stapling injuries:

  • A patient suffers an allergic reaction to the staples
  • The staple fractures
  • Plastic or metal from the device is absorbed in the patient’s body
  • The staple collects bacteria, causing a surgical site infection
  • The surgeon uses the wrong size or kind of staple
  • The staple is not correctly positioned, preventing proper wound healing
  • The staple is taken out too soon, causing the surgical site to reopen

Complications during or after the placement of surgical staples might also lead to serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Patients hurt by surgical staples should consult with a Newburgh attorney as soon as possible to determine whether a medical provider’s negligence may have caused their injuries and what forms of compensation may be available to them.

Injuries From Surgical Stapling

Common surgical stapling injuries including internal bleeding, torn tissue and organs, sepsis, fistulas, and death. Injured patients may also be at heightened risk for the recurrence of certain types of cancers. Sometimes, a revision surgery may be necessary to repair the site of the first procedure.

Indications of Complications

Patients who experience any of the following indications of surgical stapling injuries should seek medical attention at once. Warning signs of potential surgical stapling complications may include:

  • The incision reopens
  • Green or brown discharge around the surgical area
  • Swelling or redness close to or on the surgical area
  • Red streaks running out from the surgical site
  • Significant or new pain
  • The stapled site looks dark or dry
  • A high fever that lasts four hours or longer of 100 degrees or up

What is the Deadline to File a Surgical Stapling Malpractice Case in Newburgh?

New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214-A requires that a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice must be filed with two and a half years of the date of injury. If a patient is receiving continuous treatment from the negligent medical provider, the 30-month window does not commence until the victim has finished their treatment.

In some cases, exceptions may apply to the standard 30-month deadline such as when there is a foreign object — like a surgical instrument —retained inside the patient. In this case, the individual has one year from the time they discovered or should have reasonably discovered their injury to file suit. It is vital for the plaintiff to retain a Newburgh surgical stapling injuries attorney before the statutory deadline runs out, or they might be barred from financial recovery.

Which Financial Damages Could Be Recovered From a Surgical Stapling Lawsuit?

A Newburgh attorney experienced in handling surgical stapling injuries could pursue damages commensurate with the victim’s losses including compensation for medical expenses, revision surgeries, ambulance costs, rehabilitation, lost income, pain, suffering, and more. In cases where the medical provider’s negligence was particularly shocking or egregious, the court may also decide to award punitive damages in the plaintiff’s case as punishment for those actions.

Call a Newburgh Surgical Stapling Injuries Attorney Now

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