If your doctor or healthcare provider failed to diagnose you correctly and you did not receive proper treatment because of this failure, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your resulting injuries. You may need to consider contacting a Hudson Valley failure to diagnose lawyer to discuss filing your medical malpractice claim. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney could advocate for you today.

Diagnostic Errors

Diagnosing a patient is one of the most crucial steps in providing an individual adequate medical care. Without the correct diagnosis, a patient will not receive the proper treatment they need to recover. Doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, imaging technicians, and other medical professionals all play an important role when diagnosing a patient. Gathering information about the patient, monitoring them, and running the appropriate tests are all steps in the diagnostic process. When a medical professional does not complete the right step or misses something completely, the patient can suffer real harm.

Even with impressive technology and years of training, it can be difficult for doctors to make the correct diagnosis. Failing to reach the proper diagnosis in a patient’s case is a common medical error. Fortunately, a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis can often be corrected later on. However, in some cases, the patient may receive the wrong medication or inappropriate treatment that could exacerbate their illness. In extreme cases, the patient may never receive treatment at all due to their provider’s failure to diagnose. In these instances, a patient should turn to a professional medical malpractice attorney for legal guidance regarding their ability to recover compensation.

What Constitutes a Valid Claim?

Individuals who have suffered from malpractice in Hudson Valley can sue their provider but must prove certain facts to do so. To prove medical malpractice occurred, a plaintiff must show:

  • They had a provider/patient relationship
  • Their healthcare provider failed to comply with a reasonable standard of care
  • This failure caused harm to the patient

Medical professionals in Hudson Valley must provide care that meets certain professional standards. These standards of care are designed to protect patients from a provider’s negligence. Unfortunately, some medical professionals fail to live up to these standards and do not provide adequate care for their patients. One such mistake is when a doctor fails to use standard methods of diagnosing a patient.

When a patient suffers due to such negligence, the care provider may have committed medical malpractice. In these instances, a determined Hudson Valley failure to diagnose lawyer can offer assistance in proving that medical malpractice occurred.

How a Hudson Valley Failure to Diagnose Lawyer Can Help

Medical professionals are liable for the injuries they cause to their patients due to negligence. When a patient suffers harm to a diagnosis error, the patient can file a medical malpractice claim. These cases are quite complex because not every medical error qualifies as medical malpractice. An experienced Hudson Valley failure to diagnose lawyer can determine when malpractice actually occurred, and seek justice for the plaintiff in those instances. If you received a misdiagnosis from your doctor, consider reaching out to a Hudson Valley failure to diagnose lawyer today for an initial consultation.