Nurses are an integral part of any medical team, and part of their job is to ensure that patients receive safe medical care. However, nurses can make careless mistakes just like physicians and other members of a healthcare team do, and they are not immune to allegations to malpractice.

Sometimes these mistakes are minor and make no difference in the health or safety of a patient, but in other cases, they can put patients at risk of severe health problems or even death. Fortunately, this is where a qualified medical malpractice attorney could step in to help. If a nurse injured you through negligent care, a seasoned Hudson Valley nursing malpractice lawyer could evaluate the merits of your case and help you pursue fair compensation.

What Is Nursing Malpractice?

Just like other medical professionals, nurses are charged with meeting certain standards of care. When a nurse fails to competently fulfill the duties of patient care and a patient suffers harm as a result, nursing malpractice may have occurred.

Nursing malpractice could happen in a variety of different ways, but negligence is usually the basis of any ensuing civil case. If they breach the standards of care that other reasonably prudent nurses would have used, they may be considered legally negligent.

However, reckless or careless behavior alone does not give rise to a lawsuit. In addition, this behavior must cause injuries to the patient, and the injuries must inflict damages on the patient for which the patient or their Hudson Valley nursing malpractice attorney could seek legal relief.

Examples of Nursing Malpractice

Nurses generally have more contact with patients than doctors and other healthcare professionals. Because of this, they are trained and expected to pick up on concerning signs and symptoms and take action immediately if necessary.

If the nurse fails to take action when they should have, it may constitute nursing malpractice. Another common form of nursing malpractice for which plaintiffs hire a nursing malpractice lawyer in Hudson Valley is an injury stemming from improper use of equipment.

Finally, medication administration is another area in which nursing malpractice commonly occurs. Nurses are often liable for administering the medication according to the physician’s orders and even picking up on any mistakes the physician may have made, such as ordering the wrong dose.

Limitations on Filing a Nursing Malpractice Case in Hudson Valley

Among the important considerations that victims of nursing malpractice should keep in mind is that their time is limited when it comes to filing a lawsuit. Per New York Civil Practice Law and Rules §214-a, no more than two years and six months can elapse from the date of an injury related to nursing malpractice before an injured individual files a lawsuit. If the statute of limitations expires before a plaintiff files suit, they may no longer be able to pursue compensation from the defendant.

Turn to a Compassionate Hudson Valley Nursing Malpractice Attorney

After sustaining an injury from an act of nursing malpractice, you need someone on your side who is compassionate and trustworthy. A Hudson Valley nursing malpractice lawyer cannot take away your injuries or pain, but they could help build a case showing the damages you suffer and the liability of the defendant.

By doing so, they might be able to recover compensation on your behalf to pay for your medical bills and compensate you for your pain and suffering. Call today to schedule an initial case consultation.