There are four common types of medical malpractice in Hudson Valley, although the cases could range on an individual basis. Regardless of the type of medical error, each could have a significant impact on your life. By contacting a compassionate medical malpractice lawyer, you could learn more about your rights as a patient and help to defend them.

Could Birth Injuries Qualify as a Type of Medical Malpractice?

A birth injury could be defined as brain damage or paralysis suffered to a minor at birth. This could include cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy. Cerebral Palsy may occur when there is a lack of oxygen at the time of birth.

Erb’s palsy could occur when there is a nerve injury at the time of birth, that may lead to limited arm movement. Kernicterus is another common form of birth injury that could be caused by bilirubin, a toxin found in an infant’s blood that could lead to brain damage.

Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose could encompass many different medical malpractice cases. The most common types of medical malpractice in Hudson Valley pertaining to this could be the failure to diagnose a heart attack, stroke, or infection.

Heart Attack

For heart attacks, a patient could come into a hospital complaining of the sudden onset of severe chest pain. In some cases, the appropriate workup and testing are not performed, and they may be sent home, leading to a heart attack.

How Could a Stroke be the Result of Medical Malpractice in Hudson Valley?

For a stroke, if someone goes to the hospital and has had a sudden or temporary loss of consciousness. The patient could be evaluated to see if they are having a stroke, which is a blockage of blood flow to the brain. Once a stroke occurs, the blockage of blood flow could cause permanent, irreversible brain damage if not properly treated.


Mistreatment of an infection could encompass many types of medical malpractice in Hudson Valley. An infection could be pertaining to:

  • The lining of the heart, also known as bacterial endocarditis
  • Infection of the brain, or brain abscess
  • Spinal cord infection, or spinal abscess
  • Infection of the skin, or cellulitis

If there is a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of an infection, that may be a case in which a skilled attorney could help if that delay in treatment caused permanent or irreversible injury to the patient.

Surgical Complications

A surgical complication could be the failure to treat the patient following a surgery or during a surgery. During a routine surgery, the doctor or anesthesiologist could give too much anesthesia, that can result in paralysis of the heart. This could be considered a type of medical malpractice in Hudson Valley, specifically that of anesthetic malpractice. Surgical complications are not restrained to only occurring during a surgery, and could be used for a case of medical malpractice as long it could be proven as a result of a surgery.

Nursing Home Negligence in Hudson Valley

Nursing home negligence is another common form of medical malpractice that often pertains to the older community of Hudson Valley. Older citizens of Hudson Valley may have specific medical and living requirements given to a nursing home, which if not followed could result in adverse events.

If patients in the nursing home have a prior history of falls, there are certain interventions that could be used to minimize the risk of a fall. When those interventions are not implemented, that can be a case of nursing home negligence. Instances in which residents of nursing homes are not properly taken care of could be considered as a medical error and may deserve special attention by a skilled medical malpractice lawyer. A seasoned attorney will have seen different types of medical malpractice in Hudson Valley and could be equipped to handle an individual’s case.