Pregnancy is already a difficult time, especially when you want to take every precaution to ensure the birth of a healthy baby. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that can impact the health of a fetus before or during delivery. Medical professionals are responsible for monitoring both the mother and fetus for the possibility of any of these complications, including fetal distress.

When doctors fail to notice the signs of fetal distress, the consequences can compound into lifelong health issues. With the help of an experienced birth injury attorney, it could be possible to hold negligent medical providers accountable. Discuss your case with a Poughkeepsie fetal distress lawyer today.

Signs of Fetal Distress

The most common cause of fetal distress is a fetus not receiving enough oxygen. When oxygen is cut off from the brain of a fetus for even a brief time, there is a risk of the child suffering from brain injuries. A failure to diagnose the signs of fetal distress could be life-threatening. However, even a delayed diagnosis can lead to severe health consequences.

There are several warning signs that may indicate an infant is experiencing fetal distress. Some of these symptoms might be fairly noticeable, while others are less obvious. Identifying fetal distress as soon as possible is vital for the health of the mother and the child. The mother may exhibit signs that the fetus is in distress before or during labor, including:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Cramping
  • Limited movement in the womb
  • Lack of weight gain
  • Excessive weight gain

Anyone experiencing any of these symptoms before going into labor should consult their health practitioner as soon as possible. When medical professionals miss the signs of fetal distress or fail to respond appropriately, consult a knowledgeable Poughkeepsie attorney.

When is a Doctor Responsible for Fetal Distress?

Every medical professional has a duty to provide their patients with a minimum standard of care. This duty of care applies to pregnant mothers as well as their babies. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have a responsibility to monitor patients and take effective measures to respond to any complications. For a medical professional to face liability, they must fail to respond to the signs of fetal distress in a way that other doctors would under the circumstances.

A Poughkeepsie fetal distress attorney could build a winning case for compensation against a negligent medical professional. This process includes a complete investigation of the care that the doctor or nurse provided. If medical records or other evidence makes it clear that the at-fault party missed signs of fetal distress, they could be liable for the injuries that occurred as a result.

Talk to a Poughkeepsie Fetal Distress Attorney Today

Fetal distress is a serious medical issue that should be treated immediately. When doctors fail to recognize the signs of fetal distress in a timely manner, the consequences can be severe.  Though compensation may not undo the harm that was done to your child, it could help pay for medical bills and any other of your family’s needs moving forward.

You do not have to manage this process alone. Let a compassionate Poughkeepsie fetal distress lawyer help you pursue legal action against a negligent medical professional. Reach out right away for a free consultation to discuss how we can support you.