Jaundice is common among newborns and is typically treatable with appropriate medical attention. However, untreated jaundice can result in serious health complications for a newborn. A compassionate birth injury attorney could hold a doctor accountable if they failed to take reasonable steps to treat your child’s condition.

When you are unsure if you have a viable case for compensation, know that our legal team is here for you. The right attorney could guide you through the litigation process while helping you understand what to expect. Let a Poughkeepsie newborn jaundice lawyer help you seek compensation on behalf of your newborn.

Understanding Newborn Jaundice

Jaundice results from the excessive buildup of a compound known as bilirubin in a newborn’s bloodstream. Infants commonly have jaundice because their liver has not matured enough to expel the bilirubin on its own. Jaundice often resolves itself naturally after the birth of a child. However, there are times when medical intervention is necessary.

There are a number of ways to treat jaundice in newborns. One of the most common treatments involves phototherapy. Phototherapy uses “light” treatment to reduce the bilirubin levels in a newborn, which subsequently addresses the symptoms of jaundice. As such, phototherapy is often enough to protect a baby’s health from the effects of jaundice, but there are some situations where additional treatment is needed.

When Medical Practitioners Are Liable

The unfortunate reality is that medical professionals do not always take the steps needed to treat jaundice. Some doctors or nurses might ignore the warning signs. Even when medical professionals identify the signs of jaundice, they may fail to provide treatment or follow-up to ensure the treatment has been effective.

Jaundice is not always dangerous, but it can result in serious health issues if left untreated. In many cases, a minor issue becomes far more serious due to the negligence of medical professionals. When this happens, families have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit to hold the at-fault parties accountable. A Poughkeepsie newborn jaundice attorney could assist with every stage of a civil suit to help get families the compensation they deserve.

When to File a Lawsuit

The time to file a jaundice-related malpractice lawsuit is not open-ended. A statute of limitations applies that limits the amount of time a child or their family has to pursue legal action based on a medical mistake.

The time for adults to file a medical malpractice lawsuit is often limited to 30 months. However, state law provides additional time for minor children or their parents to seek compensation. Under the law, minors have ten years from when they learn of their medical injury to file a lawsuit.

Managing the statute of limitations is only one aspect of a successful malpractice case. The parents of a child suffering from newborn jaundice could avoid the pitfalls that come with these legal cases by relying on a seasoned Poughkeepsie attorney for guidance.

Call a Poughkeepsie Newborn Jaundice Attorney Right Away

When your child suffers birth injuries due to untreated jaundice, they could be entitled to financial compensation. Doctors or nurses that fail to provide a patient with adequate medical care should be responsible for the consequences these patients and their families face.

You do not have to handle a malpractice case on your own. Reach out to a Poughkeepsie newborn jaundice lawyer for help getting what you deserve.