Patients often sign surgical consent forms with the expectation that their doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are competent and appropriately trained in their fields and by the hospital. Many also trust that the hospital or surgical facility has put safeguards in place to help protect their patients. Unfortunately, thousands of patients are nonetheless injured by a surgical error each year.

If you were injured due to a surgical error, a Poughkeepsie surgical error lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for damages. You should not be responsible for the many consequences resulting from a physician or hospital’s mistake, and a skilled medical malpractice attorney could work to ensure you do not have to pay for them financially.

Types and Consequences of Surgical Errors

According to research by Johns Hopkins University, surgical errors occur at least 4,000 times per year in the United States. The same study estimates that a surgeon leaves a foreign body inside a surgical patient at least 39 times a week. This can include towels, sponges, or even surgical instruments.

Additionally, about 20 times per week, surgeons perform the wrong surgery or perform the right surgery on the wrong body part. Patients who experience surgical errors may be at risk for increased pain, infections, lost limbs, or even death.

Time Frame to File a Claim

In Poughkeepsie, there is a limited time frame in which a victim of a surgical error can file a lawsuit. Per New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 214-a, plaintiffs in a medical malpractice case have two years and six months from the date of the error to file a claim for their damages.

Under certain circumstances, this time frame—also known as the statute of limitations—can be longer than this aforementioned period. For instance, in the event a patient discovers that objects were left inside them or experiences unforeseen symptoms related to a past surgery, they accordingly have one year from the date of discovery to file their lawsuit, which may allow their eligibility to file to extend beyond the standard two-and-a-half year limit.

Patients who believe they were harmed by a surgical error should contact a Poughkeepsie surgical error lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner a patient contacts a qualified malpractice attorney, the better their chances may be of preserving evidence and receiving compensation for their injuries. Once the statute of limitations has expired, a potential plaintiff may no longer have the chance to recover damages.

Speak with a Poughkeepsie Surgical Error Attorney

Being harmed by a surgical error can have severe consequences on your life. You may need additional surgeries, suffer increased pain, lose hours at work, or even have your personal relationships change as a result. Fortunately, the legal system in Poughkeepsie is designed to allow injured patients legal recourse through potential reimbursement for their damages.

A Poughkeepsie surgical error lawyer could assist you in pursuing compensation for the negative impacts of a surgical error on your life. Local attorneys who are well-versed in medical malpractice law could work to develop a legal strategy on your behalf and help you move forward with your claim. Call today to learn more about your legal rights and how you could hold the responsible party in your case accountable.