Surgical staples can be a useful tool for surgeons while performing major procedures. These staples are used to close wounds and promote healing, particularly after a major surgery. There are many benefits of using staples as opposed to traditional sutures, but there are also risks; and when surgeons are careless, these staples can do more harm than good.

If surgical staples were the primary cause of your injuries, you could have a viable claim for financial compensation. A dedicated surgical error attorney could review the records related to your injury and advise you on how you could receive financial help. Before you consider filing a lawsuit on your own, let a Poughkeepsie surgical stapling injuries lawyer assist you with your claim.

Common Stapling Injuries

Surgical stapling injuries can occur in a variety of ways. While these staples carry some inherent risk, it generally takes an act of negligence in order for stapling injuries to occur. In some cases, a surgeon could injure a patient by misapplying the staples or using too much force. This could lead to wounds that further complicate a patient’s health.

Not all claims are directly related to physical injuries. One of the most dangerous types of stapling injuries stems from infection caused by unsanitary staples. These infections can be difficult to spot and result in serious, life-altering health conditions. Any type of avoidable illness or injury caused by surgical staples could result in a viable personal injury claim.

Possible Compensation for Stapling Injuries

Ultimately, any patient who pursues a civil lawsuit following a surgical stapling injury does so to recover fair monetary compensation for their associated losses. It can be difficult to deal with the financial fallout of a stapling injury, especially in cases where a patient has suffered long-term damages.

With the help of a Poughkeepsie surgical stapling injuries attorney, recovering compensation for an injury could be possible. These damages often focus heavily on the cost of medical care. In surgical stapling malpractice cases, a patient could not only face medical bills related to their injury, but they might also need revisions related to their original procedure as well. In addition to medical expenses, other damages could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Diminished future earning power

A lawyer could provide more information about the types of damages available.

The Deadline to File a Surgical Stapling Injuries Lawsuit

There is a notable deadline for any lawsuit related to surgical stapling injuries. This deadline—which is known as the statute of limitations—applies to all personal injury lawsuits in Poughkeepsie. According to the law, a plaintiff only has two years and six months from the date they received the injury to file a lawsuit.

There are steep consequences that come with trying to file a lawsuit after the expiration of the deadline. Without an exception to the statute of limitations, the court is required to dismiss these lawsuits with prejudice. A dismissal with prejudice prevents the plaintiff from ever pursuing that injury case again in the future. The best way to protect a surgical stapling injuries claim is by relying on a Poughkeepsie attorney.

Seek Help from a Poughkeepsie Surgical Stapling Injuries Attorney

You should not have to deal with the fallout of a surgical stapling injury on your own. Hospitals and doctors have enormous resources the fight malpractice claims, and they are usually backed by powerful insurance companies. A Poughkeepsie surgical stapling injuries lawyer could level the playing field when it comes to your malpractice lawsuit. Contact us to discuss your rights.