While intubation is an essential and sometimes life-saving procedure for patients, errors made during the process could potentially lead to long-term damage and critical medical issues. If you were injured by an intubation error, speak with a Poughkeepsie intubation complications lawyer to learn about any legal options for recourse. A surgical error attorney could help determine whether you may have a meritable claim to compensation and implement the most effective strategies to achieve financial recovery.

Understanding Intubation

Intubation involves the use of a breathing tube inserted into the mouth and down the endotracheal tube. These devices are commonly used during surgical procedures and for patients struggling to breathe on their own. For patients that are under anesthesia and unable to breathe without assistance, the use of intubation could be the answer.

Once a patient is intubated, they are placed on a ventilator, which can do the breathing for the patient when they are unable to do so on their own. Intubation can be uncomfortable or painful, which leads doctors to prescribe pain medication prior to beginning the process.

There are a few situations where intubation is common. It is frequently used on patients with blocked airways, collapsed lungs, or other respiratory issues. Intubation is also common for patients under anesthesia for surgical purposes.

Intubation complications can happen to anyone. That said, significant complications are more likely to cause lasting health effects in some people compared to others. Certain physical traits increase the odds of complications and require additional care from medical providers.

Extra care is required for individuals with a small mouth, as well as for anyone with a previous tracheotomy. The same is true for anyone who has previously developed serious health issues due to prolonged intubation. Finally, risks are higher when the medical professional overseeing intubation is inexperienced.

Common Intubation Injuries

The specific injury that a patient might face will depend on the nature of intubation mistake. For example, a person whose skin is perforated by the tube could face vastly different consequences compared to a delay in intubation. Some examples of common injuries include:

  • Stroke
  • Nerve damage
  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Perforated trachea
  • Infection
  • Fractured cervical spine
  • Collapsed lung

When negligence results in intubation complications, a patient could be entitled to compensation. If they suffer from any of these injuries, their financial award could be significant. Let a Poughkeepsie intubation injury attorney review the facts of a complication and provide helpful guidance on moving forward.

What is the Deadline to File an Intubation Errors Lawsuit in Poughkeepsie?

As stated in New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214-A, a two and a half year statutory limit applies to medical malpractice cases meaning that in most cases, a victim must file their lawsuit with the civil courts no later than 30 months from the date of the alleged malpractice. Otherwise, they may be barred from receiving compensation at all. If a patient is under the ongoing care of a physician and is injured during this course of treatment, the 30-month filing period would not begin until treatment was over.

Compensation in Poughkeepsie Intubation Complications Cases

There are two categories of compensation that could be recoverable through an intubation complications case. These categories are known as economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages exist to let the plaintiff recoup their financial losses related to the negligence. The goal is for these damages to return the patient to the same financial position they were in prior to the complication. This form of compensation is measurable and it is generally possible to place a set dollar value on these damages. Important evidence for establishing economic damages include medical bills, paid invoices, and cancelled checks.

Non-economic damages are different. Instead of helping recoup financial losses, this form of compensation targets the harm a patient suffered due to intubation complications. Their physical pain or mental anguish that would not have occurred if not for the complications are common examples of this. These damages are subjective and their value cannot be established through documentary evidence. Thankfully, a Poughkeepsie intubation complications lawyer could help make the case for appropriate non-economic losses.

Injured parties could recover compensation for therapy, rehabilitation, hospital bills, physician appointments, prescription medications, and associated medical expenses, as well as lost earnings. Additional compensation may cover losses such as pain, suffering, mental trauma, loss of consortium, scarring, and disfigurement.

It is essential to engage competent legal representation from the outset of a malpractice claim. A Poughkeepsie attorney would advocate aggressively to recover the fair and maximum compensation which may be owed to an intubation complications victim.

Intubation Mistakes and Complications

Intubation is common for patients about to undergo a surgery, following an emergency medical event, or any situation where breathing assistance is needed. However, if a medical provider makes a mistake while intubating a patient, the consequences could be devastating. Types of intubation mistakes include:

  • Overinflating the tubes
  • Failure to fix tubes when they bend, shift, or disconnect
  • Improper placement of the tube in the patient’s esophagus
  • The tube perforates or punctures the mouth tissues
  • Intubating a patient without the adequate training or experience
  • Delayed intubation
  • Failure to recognize signs of intubation mistakes, such as patient distress

Certain factors may put a patient at higher risk of intubation complications such as when prolonged intubation is necessary, a patient has an unusually small or structured mouth or throat, or the patient recently had a tracheotomy.

What Are Some Common Injuries Caused by Intubation Malpractice?

Common complications and injuries which may result from intubation errors include traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and irregular heartbeat. Nerve damage, serious infections, coma, and even death may result if complications from a patient’s intubation are not immediately identified and remediated. A Poughkeepsie intubation complications attorney could assert a malpractice claim against a reckless, careless, or negligent medical provider when their error inflicts compensable losses upon a patient.

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