Medical mistakes are responsible for injuring and killing a number of patients each year. Doctors and other medical professionals today have access to significant improvements in medical care, such as advanced diagnostic testing, better medical devices, and innovative medications. Nevertheless, careless errors still occur with alarming frequency in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings.

If you placed your trust in a healthcare professional who made a mistake that harmed you or your loved one, you might have grounds to pursue compensation in a malpractice claim. Hiring a Newburgh medical malpractice lawyer could help you obtain justice for your losses.

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice in Newburgh?

Unfortunately, doctors cannot cure everybody. Even with the innovative advancements in medical technology, not all patients recover. Sadly, even when doctors use their best efforts, some patients even get sicker. For instance, some patients with bacterial illnesses do not respond to antibiotic treatments that work with others.

However, just because a patient suffers an adverse medical outcome does not automatically justify a malpractice claim. To prevail in a legal suit, a patient must suffer an injury resulting from a medical professional’s mistake. In addition, not all medical errors rise to the level of actionable malpractice. Just like every other person, healthcare workers occasionally make mistakes. Those mistakes only amount to malpractice when they fall below the standard of care expected by other healthcare workers facing similar circumstances with similar backgrounds and training.

For example, an emergency room doctor who mistakenly diagnoses a critically injured patient might be excused because they had to act so quickly under challenging circumstances. On the other hand, a primary care doctor who prescribes the wrong dosage of medicine to their long-time patient could be found liable for committing a mistake that amounts to malpractice.

Hiring and meeting with a knowledgeable attorney could let a patient and their family know if they have a potentially viable malpractice claim.

Actions that a Newburgh Malpractice Attorney Could Take

If a family believes that a medical error caused them or their loved one to suffer harm, they should not try to handle the legal claim by themselves. Hiring a malpractice attorney offers several advantages.

Discovering the True Value of a Claim

Seasoned attorneys could use their knowledge in the field and their years of experience to help an injured patient discover their claim’s full value. They could investigate the injury and speak with medical experts to learn the patient’s projected prognosis. With that information, they could estimate the potential cost of the damage.

Negotiating with the Hospital or Doctor’s Insurance Company

Most insurance companies that work with hospitals and healthcare workers are very savvy. They try to avoid liability and only offer minimal settlements. Experienced attorneys know how insurance companies operate, so they could negotiate on a patient’s behalf.

Defending a Patient’s Interests

If the insurance companies are unwilling to offer a fair settlement, an attorney would be prepared to stand up and fight aggressively on a patient’s behalf. They have extensive trial experience and are not afraid to fight back.

Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Newburgh

Taking on a malpractice claim can be emotionally draining, especially if you are working on recovering from a physical injury. Hiring a Newburgh medical malpractice lawyer could save you both valuable time and money.

Malpractice cases are often challenging to prove. A seasoned attorney could handle the complexities of the medical and legal information, leaving you the time to focus on your recovery. We will fight hard to get you the maximum compensation for what you have suffered, so get in touch with our legal team today.