When people think of malpractice claims, they usually think of doctors who made a mistake. However, any medical professional who makes an unreasonable error that is inconsistent with their level of education, training, and experience can commit malpractice, including physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists.

You might be eligible for legal compensation if you suffered an injury because of one of these errors. A Newburgh rehabilitation and physical therapy malpractice lawyer might be able to assist you. Contact our skilled medical malpractice attorney today to find out more and to schedule a consultation.

How Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Works

Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs help injured people regain strength in a specific body part or improve their overall mobility. Some people visit rehabilitation specialists for a short time, such as after surgery or injury, to maximize their healing. Other people, such as older adults, might need regular physical therapy throughout their lives to maintain their bodies. Rehabilitation can occur at a hospital, physical therapy center, nursing home, or a patient’s residence.

When a physical therapist makes a mistake or intentionally abuses their patient, they can cause them to suffer needless physical, emotional, and financial harm. A dedicated Newburgh attorney could help the patient fight back against rehabilitation malpractice.

What is Physical Therapy Malpractice?

An essential part of physical therapy is paying attention to patients. Therapists should watch their patients’ facial expressions to look for pain and how well they tolerate the exercises. They also need to listen to their patients when they talk about discomfort and carefully observe how they are responding to the rehabilitation. If they give their patient exercises to do independently, they need to ensure that their patient understands precisely what to do.

Unfortunately, physical therapists make careless mistakes, particularly when they are busy. Sometimes, they schedule too many appointments for the same day, forcing them to rush their patients or be inattentive to their needs. If an individual suffers an injury because they did not know how to perform an exercise safely due to poor supervision and instruction, their physical therapist could be liable for malpractice. Similarly, if a rehabilitation specialist stretches a patient’s muscles to the degree that they suffer pain, that patient might also have cause to file a legal claim. A knowledgeable attorney could meet with a Newburgh physical therapy patient to discuss what happened to them.

Common Examples of Rehabilitation Negligence

Although there can be a wide range of rehabilitation and physical therapy errors that result in needless injuries, the following are the most typical occurrences of malpractice:

  • Dropping patients or allowing them to fall during an exercise
  • Not supervising the patients as they perform their exercises
  • Using broken equipment
  • Not listening to a patient’s verbal complaints or recognizing their signs of pain
  • Not modifying a rehabilitation plan for an individual patient
  • Pushing a patient’s physical limits too far
  • Sexually abusing a patient

A competent Newburgh attorney has had experience helping with many different types of rehabilitation and physical therapy malpractice suits. They know how to investigate claims to find the right kind of evidence to build a strong case.

Reach Out to a Newburgh Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Malpractice Attorney

A careless rehabilitation specialist can cause your existing condition to worsen or result in you suffering further harm and long-term damage. If you or your family member endured a serious injury because your provider was negligent or abusive, you should speak with a Newburgh rehabilitation and physical therapy malpractice lawyer right away.

They could advise what steps to take next and stay by your side to help you navigate a claim against your physical therapist. Reach out to our law firm today.