If you feel sick, you probably visit your primary care doctor. If they cannot figure out what is wrong with you, they might send you to a specialist. Usually, the specialist will consider your symptoms, order the appropriate tests, review the results, and hopefully come up with a good solution to treat your illness. However, if your physician fails to perform enough testing, it could give your illness a chance to grow and worsen.

If you believe that you or a family member became sicker because your medical team failed to perform the correct diagnostic procedures, you should speak with a Newburgh inadequate testing lawyer. You might be able to seek financial compensation. Contact our office to speak with a qualified medical malpractice attorney today.

Common Conditions Where Inadequate Testing Could Lead to Harm

Doctors are typically always busy. They often do not get much time to spend talking with a patient or reviewing their medical charts. This can lead to them failing to see the signs of serious conditions and ultimately not ordering the proper tests.

Some illnesses have very general symptoms, making it challenging for even the most competent physicians to narrow down a cause. Other patients exhibit symptoms that reasonable doctors should be able to recognize. When they spot those signs, doctors should order the correct kind of testing so they can confirm and identify the problem. Some of the conditions that medical practitioners fail to order adequate testing for include:

When a physician does not order the proper diagnostic testing to treat these conditions, the patient can suffer irreparable harm. A dedicated Newburgh inappropriate testing attorney could make sure that they are held accountable for their mistakes.

Potential Harm to a Patient from Lack of Proper Testing

To succeed in a legal claim, a patient must show that inadequate testing procedures caused them actual harm. They need to prove that their condition worsened because of the late or missed diagnosis. A seasoned attorney could review a patient’s medical records and meet with medical experts to detail the negative impact of waiting for a proper diagnosis.

Even if the patient is able to receive successful intervention for their condition, they could still have a legal claim. The late diagnosis might have caused them unnecessary expenses from additional medical treatment that they would not have needed if they had received a timely diagnosis. They might also have to experience undue anxiety, stress, and pain and suffering.

A diligent Newburgh attorney could examine all the effects of the inadequate testing on the individual’s life and help them pursue a judgment that properly recovers for all their losses.

Contact a Newburgh Inadequate Testing Attorney for Help Recovering the Compensation You Need

The key to a successful recovery often depends on the timing of your diagnosis. If a healthcare worker fails to recognize the signs and symptoms of your illness, they might not order the testing that could provide you with the correct diagnosis. This could have a severely harmful effect on your health and well-being.

A competent Newburgh inadequate testing lawyer understands the unnecessary pain that you have gone through. They could work to alleviate your suffering by helping you pursue compensation for what you have lost. Call the legal team today to discuss your case.